Bridges - The esoteric classic in a new edition

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categorieën:   Spiritualiteit (algemeen) / Alice A.Bailey
isbn: 9783929345117
uitvoering: Gebonden
aantal pagina's: 528
druk: 1
verschijningsdatum: 01 jan 2000
status:  Niet leverbaar
prijs: € 32,90

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Esoteric philosophy for the seekers of today. Read in this book (among much more):

• that the whole Universe, with all it embraces, consists of energy manifested in a myriad of forms and forces which interrelate everything in the universal system.

• who and what man is, the position he occupies in the overall picture and what role he had to fulfil in the Divine Plan.

• how man is constituted to three separate bodies and how their functions are co-ordinated by the soul.

• a description of certain expansions of consciousness known as 'initiations'.

• a brief description of the Spiritual Hierarchy and of individual Masters.

• about the little realised but close relationship between humanity and the Hierarchy of Masters.

• about the Seven Rays; Human Relationships; Discipleship; Service; White and Black Magic; Education and Religion; Science; Economics and Politics.

Inspired by the work of Alice A. Bailey

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